Detailed Knowledge About Spiral Classifier for Sale

Spiral classifier is also known as spiral separator or spiral concentrator, which is a kind of mechanical grading equipment. It is developed based on the difference of solid particle sizes, proportion and settling velocity in liquids of ores, so that the floated fine particles will flow away; the coarse particles will sink to the bottom and then discharged after being pushing by the spiral. Because spiral classifier can also classify gold ore and copper ore, so, it is also called gold ore spiral classifier and copper ore spiral classifer.

Feed mill can grind the powder level in the filter, and then use the coarse material spiral piece rotary vane screwed mill feed mouth to filter out fine material discharged from the overflow tube. Spiral separator referred grader. Classifier mainly high weir single spiral and double helix, sinking four kinds of single and double helices grader.

The spiral classifier is an up-dated one and it has the following characteristics:

1. When ball mill has cancelled big spoon head, it can usually save electricity 1-1.5 degrees per ton ore, meanwhile, avoid frequent maintenance about big spoon head, and slow down the wear speed of small gear, improve ball mill run speed, save electricity obviously.

2. Up-dated classifier increases a automatic sand-return device at the sand-return part, lift ore sand that discharged at tank bottom to a proper position at tank wall, to adapt the configuration of ball mill cancelled big spoon head.

3. When ball mill has cancelled big spoon head, it has no effect on specification and grinding ability of classifier.

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