Destiny: Your Responsibility or Not

Destiny:   Your Responsibility or Not
Brandy Lynn Harris
September 9, 2014

Many people believe that they do not have the power to create their destiny. When a person accepts personal responsibility for their actions, the individual can create their life to be anything that they want it to be.   Personal responsibility is essential for success, meaning that a person's life is only as successful as they choose to make it.   So what is personal responsibility and what does it have to do with a person's destiny?   Personal responsibility is the ability to take responsibility for the actions that a person makes on their own, accepting the consequences that come from these actions and understanding that what a person does impacts not only that person but the people around that individual (Reynolds, C).   Personal responsibility is accepting that everyone is responsible for their destiny, acknowledging that they are responsible for the choices that they make, behavior and actions that they take and how they think and feel (McLachlan, 2010).   Each individual has control over their destiny.   The choice is theirs.  
Many different religions and cultures believe that many different things decide their destiny.   In the Bible, it teaches that humans were given free will and what we choose to do with it is our responsibility.   Sometimes fate is thought to be predetermined and beyond our control.   The common belief is that fate is resignation because we can't change destiny so why try?   We all have heard someone at some point in time say "It is what it is."   This belief can be classified as fatalism, which is not biblical. (N., Janu).   Many believe that their destiny is fate or luck, which, I guess to some extent it can be classified as that but how much does personal responsibility play into this?
Throughout their lives, human beings make many choices; most people are faced with 70 to over 200 choices per day though this number varies and...