Design for Industry- Final Report

Alaa Dean Alzalam- Team 7


Inspired By Nature’s Diversity
BA (Hons) Digital and Creative

School of Computing,
Informatics and Media

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1.0. Introduction 3
      1.1. Belbin 3
1.2. How I Compared With My Profile? 3
1.2. How I Compared With My Profile? 4
1.3.The Generated Roles 4
1.3. Team Player and Diplomat 4  
2. My Technical Role And Skills That I Brought To The Production 5
2.1. Organisation and Coordination 5
2.2. Implementing a System 5
2.3. My Proposals 6
2.4. The Broadening of My Responsibilities 6
3.0. Analysis of Skills Learnt 7
3.1. A Conclusion of Belbins Efficiency within Team 7 7
4. A Reflection On The Peer Marks Awarded 7
5.1. The Final Presentation 7
5.2. Positive Feedback from The Body Shop, Bradford 7
5.3. Work placement   7
Appendix 8-13

1.0. Introduction

Our group of four selected a brief for The Body Shop through the D&AD Student Awards via the inter-net. We entered the competition submitting some completed elements of our campaign both digitally and through the post. Currently we are eagerly awaiting the results in anticipation.

      1.1. Belbin

The very concept of having a huge data-base of set answers to various personalities, together with a computer generated counselling profile page, was at first quite strange. Indeed, I was sceptical of a digital device having the ability to generate an accurate profile based on a few questions, without taking into consideration ones religious, cultural and social backgrounds. Upon receiving the Belbin test results, I diligently read the document with an element of bias, sure to find some contradictions.

1.2. How I Compared With My Profile?

“Your profile shows someone who enjoys focusing on a particular area of interest. Here, the pride you take in your work and the attention you give to quality and accuracy are most apparent”. (1)

Surprisingly the section “what...