Description of Classic Airlines' Case

Description of the Classic Airlines’ Case
      The challenge for most business still remains on the customer satisfaction through proper customer service and reasonable cost. Marketing helps businesses by providing proper tools for identifying the needs of customer to company Kotler, P & Keller, K.L,2007)   . The present control factors in Classic Airlines are from market fluctuation, application of technical assistance, operational efficiency of the organization and customer’s mind set are that is essential criteria to any business that is for profit. For example, it was stated in the Classic Airlines scenario that there was decrease of 19 % in the members of Classic Reward Program and 21% fall in the other members availing the flight services. The modification of existing process requires the analysis of bottlenecks for operational management to attract customers to achieve the targets of return on investment.

                      Problems and Opportunity
      The primary issues of Classic airlines is that recently they have noticed a trend of their customer loyalty, lately there have been a decreasing number passengers on booking for Classic Airline flights. Labeling the causes behind these recent trends is the first step to resolve the problem behind Classic Airlines. Also being able to get the right understanding of the Customer’s requirement is baseline for further processing of strategic initiation to explore the opportunities and preventive measure to control the lapses. The key components of change management are customer friendly services, competitive advantage and, net income from the business operation. The Staggers act provides the platform for deregulation as applied the Canada and United Kingdom.   This opens the way for tariff comparison of airline services on global basis, initiation of frequent flier program (FFP) and marketing innovation to lure the consumers.
      Stakeholder’s rivalry is another cause of concern for the Classic...