Describe (at Least 3) Benefits to an Organization of Having a Motivated Workforce.

1- Google company is one of famous companies in the world which taken motivation as one of important part in its strategic planning to gain the maximum of loyalty and benefits from its employees.
Google provide for its staff a flexible, interesting environment in the work place as recreational area (beach volleyball, video games, pool tables etc) to make them fell free and comfortable, even the company provides them with free doctors, swimming pool, washing machine, and also free meal. All of these facilities motivate employees to be effective and pass most of their time in the company.
From Google's perspective, they can gain a lot of benefits from this motivations strategy like following:
1- What makes Google provides an interesting environment, is that the nature of this business doesn't required dealing with customers directly, but it required creativity and innovation so flexibility in the work place will makes employees enjoy work and being more effective.
2- Providing a good level of motivation helps to build a good reputation between employees which makes bright minds seeking to work with them.
3- Other benefits Google's' organization can gain it from its strategy is guarantee that employees will spend most of their time in the organization, and in furtherance of the above this is a recognition of a Google board member who said " Here I am a guy who can afford a good meal, and every time I go to a Google board meeting, I don't leave until ten o'clock at night because I get a free dinner there". (
4- Also motivation from Google perspective force employees to be loyal because if they find other opportunities they will not accept it if they will not find the same facilities even with big salary.