Deloitte & Touche Llp Case Study

Deloitte & Touche LLP Case Study

Leah Mayfield-Nash



Brian Kufner

              1)   The reason why Deloitte & Touche had problems in the first place was due to the company lack of advancement opportunities and networking for women in their company, not making women feel as equal as the men, and the company not taking into consideration that the company needs to have less work load and work schedule flexibility for women and women with families.

              2) After reading the article, I believe that Deloitte & Touche changes that were applied did fix the underlying problems because the company received national recognition, women were applying for employment and staying with the company at a higher percentage than before, and the company actually established trust and honesty within their company especially with the women.

              3)   Advice that I would give to the company‚Äôs managers would be keep doing surveys like once a month so they know what needs improving within the company and keeping their employees employed with their company and keep people wanting to work for them, which would make their company more successful than before, not to show favoritism among gender and job title, and keep flexible work schedules.

              4) The role of the human resources managers will work with line managers in implementing the changes in this case study would be that they create a plan to show employees that they are valued, like boosting morale, what their future plans for the company will be, outline and organize plans, new rules, then have some type of training set into place that prepares employees for the change. Which the line managers will be in charge of for the employees.

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