Katrina Brown

Instructor, Alden Berry

Ethics and Community Relations, CJC 212

November 11, 2011

Prosecutor Dilemma

The characteristics of this case involve a highly sensitive arena about the concept or rationality of an individual who murders another person.   To be fair and consistent as a competent prosecutor, I must evaluate the motive of an individual as it pertains to the moral principles of a community.   The challenge that I face must be weighed against the thought process of an individual in society versus the ethical values and professional principles that I am obligated to carry out as a prosecutor.   In addition, an inference has to be made after I have evaluated and investigated this case; which involves an elderly man who made a life changing decision while under duress as he watched his wife suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.   This case leaves me with the ultimate decision of how to proceed along with ensuring that I provide the courts with the appropriate charge against the defendant.   In order for me to move forward, I must review all reports, interview witnesses, and evaluate the evidence contiguous of the situation.  
While proceeding to make a sound judgment of this case I will perform my duties in a professional and moral manner.   Most importantly, I must implement the mind set of justice whereas making decisions and judgments that will change the course of a person’s life.   My conduct along with my moral principles will be controlled based on trust from the public that my intentions are to protect and serve every individual in my community.   As I ponder over all aspects of this case, I will not allow the media to dictate my actions.   Instead I will continue my tasks as a prosecutor and sustain my responsibilities as I conduct an assessment regarding the integrity of the defendant; obtain a criminal background check of the defendant, and consider the fundamentals that lead to murder.   Therefore, I will embrace the ethical code of...

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