Dehydration Assignment

Dehydration & the Importance of Water

Crystal Eisenhart

Axia College of the University of Phoenix

    Make sure you drink plenty of water.   This is something I hear quite frequently.   Why is it so important that people mention it?   Is it because the human body is composed of about 60 percent of water or possibly because nearly all of the major systems of the human body depend on water (Zellman, 2005-2007)?   Whatever the reason, they are correct.   Water is vital to the human body.

Functions of Water in the Body:

    It is true, the human body is composed of about 60 percent of water (Zellman, 2005-2007).   You may be wondering what all this water does in the body.   This water is used for many functions of the body.   Nearly all of the major systems within the human body depend on this water to work properly (MayoClinic, 1998-2010).

    Water is used in the digestive system.   It is used in the form of saliva to moisten the foods we eat, allowing for easier swallowing (Zellman, 2005-2007).   In the digestive system, the water helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients making them accessible to the body (MayoClinic, 1998-2010).   Once these nutrients are dissolved, the water transports and distributes the nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the body (MayoClinic, 1998-2010).   Without water, our bodies would not be able to receive much needed nutrients and oxygen needed for the cells.

    In the musculoskeletal system, water is also used.   Here water helps to energize muscles and lubricate joints (MayoClinic, 1998-2010).   When there is an inadequate amount of fluids in the muscles, they do not work as well (Zellman, 2005-2007).   This is something to remember during the course of exercising.   Muscles that are fatigued and not working properly are more prone to injuries such as; sprains and strains.   The joints in the body also use water.   Here the water is used to lubricate the joints allowing for easier movement (MayoClinic, 1998-2010).   Without...