Decreasing Stress

Building Brain Power

Life can be hard sometimes. There will be good days and bad days. You may have more bad days than good days, but the key to overcoming is how you choose to handle the circumstance. For my assignment; I will focus on ways to feel good and to decrease stress with reading so I can increase my brain power. I have also included a fact sheet of 21 ways for an individual to feel good about themselves. This would be very helpful to individuals dealing with stress.   As a single mother of two children, who is going to school, and working fulltime I know all too well about stressful times. Although my life is crazy busy right now I know I will become a stronger, wiser, and better person in the end. Picking a technique was easy for me because I knew I wanted to use mental skills as well as visualization skills; so I decided to read a book. Reading a book requires active concentration. A person must put in a great deal of effort to look at the words, figure out the meaning, buildup images, thoughts and feelings within your mind.  
The title of the book is 60 minutes of wisdom. "Insight in and Instant" by Dr. Derek Grier.   The book was just what I needed to fit my crazy schedule.   I wanted a book I could read quickly and become enlightened at the same time. I wanted to have practical principles that I could implement into my everyday life. When I was reading the book I remember by the fourth day I couldn't wait to read what word of wisdom was on the next page. I would read several pages a day. A couple of times I had to stop myself from reading otherwise I would have read the entire book in two days.   This book is truly encouraging and uplifting to read. It stimulated my mind and helped me to reduce stress. I noticed a change in my thinking by the fifth day.   I was now thinking more positively during stressful situations. I must admit some of the reading material was life changing for me. For example, the book quoted Michael J. Fox when he stated; "I...