Psy 210 Week 4 Day 3

The two health problems that I chose that was discussed in the text is headaches and heart problems.   Both headaches and heart problems are associated to many things such as stress, genetics, eating, and social habits.   Psychology has played a big part in understanding and managing health problems.  
The way psychology play a part in headaches is what causes headache is person under stress.   Stress causes a person to react in different ways example stress can cause a person to have physical pain due to not sleeping and feeling over whelmed, and anxiety.   Person could have a history of headaches due to seasons.   An environmental factor that affects a person and cause headaches is pollution and radiation.   Pollution could cause a person to develop headaches because of the chemicals in the air.
Heart problems are a medical problem that could come from genetics, stress, and environmental cause.     Biological factors associated with heart problems is family history of illness, medication history, congenital disabilities, birth complications, physiological conditions, problems with stress, pain or discomfort, age, and ethnicity. Genetics could play a part because if person was born with heart problems they could have problems in general with heart problems.   Medications can affect the heart by causing heart to beat irregular or heart rate to decrease.   Stress can affect a person heart because stress causes a person’s body react in different ways an example is some people start to a person to have headaches, pain, and causes increase in heart rate.   Social cultural factor involved in heart problems is did the person or the person have access to medical help.   If a person did not have insurance they may not have the opportunity to go to a doctor and obtain appropriate medication to control blood pressure.   The amount of money a person has decides if a person can get medication needed to help control medical problems.   There is no environmental factor associated with...