Decision of Uncertainty

Decision of Uncertainty Paper
Cell phone technology has embraced the modern day source of communication. Apple has introduced the new I phone 4 in June of 2010, which is an upgrade of the I phone 3GS which came into the market a few months before. I personally have the I phone 3G which is the first I phone from At&t, and am contemplating whether to invest in the newest I phone 4 or just upgrade to the I phone 3gs. The prices are in the same category as the first Apple I phone which is an 8g for $199 and the 16g for $299. The I phone 4 has the 16g for $199 and the 32g for $299. I am currently eligible for an upgrade and I am carefully considering if I should purchase the ever-so-popular I phone 4. Throughout my research, I have learned that the majority of the individuals that have invested in the I phone 4 are mildly impressed with its features and performance. The feedback that I have received and also taking in consideration of the negative personal reviews has altered my decision to invest in this new phone. This is my decision of uncertainty.
Apple calls the I phone 4 the biggest leap since the first I phone. There are a few new features and operations that the I phone 4 have to offer to the modern day consumer. One of the most intriguing features is the FaceTime option which is described as video calling. This feature allows you to converse with other I phone 4 users in a real life video conference through a Wi-Fi connection. The main disadvantage to this feature is that both users have to have the I phone 4 to converse this way; if not then this task cannot be complete. The screen quality has also improved because of the LED backlit Retina display which brings the clearest picture to any Smartphone. It contains 326 pixels per inch (more than 4 times the 3gs) which delivers a crisp and vibrant picture without the fuzziness of individual pixels. Also, the new rebranded operating system (iOS4) allows you to multitask, organize applications into folders, get...