Deadbead Fathers

C.J. Craft
Deadbeat Fathers
How many young males does one know that have grown up without a father figure in their life? I bet the number is staggering. Most young males void of a father figure grow up in a life of violence. This is due to the lack of a male authority figure to guide and teach them how to be a man. Adolescent males absent of a father figure may also be angry about not having what most other boys have. Boys without fathers tend to resent authority, get poor grades, and resort to a life of alcohol and drugs. Another outcry may be the aggression they have and not even their mother can control them.
Unfortunately, many men do not make satisfactory fathers for a variety of reasons. One reason may be the lack of a father figure in their own life as a child. Also, some fathers may not want the interaction with their child’s mother or, he may just not want the responsibility of raising a child and walk away getting out the easy way. There is never a compelling enough reason to be a deadbeat father no matter what the excuse.
Most young males without a father figure in their life may turn to gang life for guidance on how to survive in this cruel world we live. They have nobody telling them right from wrong. Therefore, so many juvenile males are going to jail today. The boys go out on the street to learn how to survive when in reality; all they want is guidance from an older male. When a young male does not get the proper guidance because their father is not around to teach them, they run to the corner to sell drugs to provide for the family their father has left.
Without a dad present there for them, it makes a boy grow up and mature into an adult more rapidly. It is not fair to the boys, but they have to do what they have to do to survive. It is hard to grow up in today’s society with no guidance or love from a father figure. Boys are quick to choose the wrong path without the discipline and love from their father no matter who else they may have...