God Fathers of Renaissance: the Medici Pope

For over a century Medici had run the Florence. The extra ordinary work was being done in the workshop behind the cathedral. A 13 feet marble statue was getting done by Michelangelo Buonarroti. 50 years ago Michelangelo had moved in to live with the Medici and he was exposed to the greatest artists of the Florence. Giovanni de Medici and his cousin Giulio were getting prepared for the church. After some time, a civil war was exploded on the streets of Florence, sparked by the wealth and power of the Medici. Everyone related to Medici were wiped out of Florence except Michelangelo. At this time, Giovanni was already a cardinal. On the other hand, Michelangelo’s master piece was almost done. On 25th January, 1504 was ready to present his master piece to the city of Florence.   When his work was over, everyone came to see it and everyone decided that it was to put at the outside of the town hall. The statue became the symbol of the city itself.
After 9 years, Giovanni and Giulio returned to Florence and they took their case to the highest court.   The artists of Florence started to do the private research. Leonardo da vinci carefully studies the complicity of the human body.   By 1512, thousands of heavily armed forces were inside the border of Tuscany and heading toward Florence. People of Florence were prepared for this war. Nicolás Maquiavelo mobilized thousands of people around Tuscany. But Maquivelo’s soldiers had no chance to survive. After this, Giovanni sent the message to the pope. Later, Giovanni received the bad news; his mentor and master pope Julius the second was dead. Giovanni de Medici became the Pope Leo the tenth in 1513. He rose higher than any of his ancestors.

Michelangelo was ordered to pain on the ceiling of the papal chapel by Pope Julius the second. There was a group of people who helped Michelangelo in this demanding work. The Medici saw power in Michelangelo’s work and ordered him to build glories tombs for their dead father. In 1516, a...