Drawing on What You Have Learned About City Road, Outline Some of the Inequalities on a Street That You Know


Deborah Slow

DD131 TMA01

Drawing on what you have learned about City Road, outline some of the inequalities on a street that you know.

This essay will discuss inequalities present in High Street, Nordelph, (the street where I live) and compare it to inequalities on City Road in Cardiff. High Street is the main street in a very small village where approximately 350 people live. It was formerly a thriving agricultural area but now it is mainly residential. The nearest town, Downham Market is at least 4 miles away. High Street is in a very rural area with no pub, school or shops and is very different to the busy urban life of City Road. This essay will focus on the inequalities of race, car ownership and age.

The residents in High Street are almost all white British people but there is one Asian family living there. Their colouring, accent, language, clothing and religion are all different to the other residents and this creates an inequality. The family appear to feel excluded from the community and do not mix with others at local events, for example, the recent royal wedding celebrations. They sense great prejudice and hostility towards their culture and religion, particularly from families who were born here and who have lived on the street for many generations. Some of the “locals” long for the street to remain as it was in the past and are resistant to change. Similarly,   this longing for the past can also be seen on City Road when the men at the Municipal Club discuss the club’s bleak future. (“Making Social Lives”, 2009, scene 5)


City Road, in contrast, has a diverse ethnic population with migrants from Iraq, Africa, Russia, the Ukraine and Spain to name but a few. Students, locals and immigrants all appear to co-exist quite happily. The migrant population are fully
integrated into the community and the multicultural nature of the local population is reflected in the mix of shops, takeaways and restaurants found there....