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This essay is going to reflect changes on what I remember of my street from my childhood in the 1980s and how my street differs from that of City Road.
Brandon Shopping Centre is the main shopping area of Motherwell. Brandon Shopping Centre is a pedestrian only area. This is totally different to City Road which has heavy traffic at most times of the day. This is just one of the major differences between Brandon Shopping Centre and City Road, the other areas of difference I will cover will be shop types, cleanliness, mobility, day and night use and the people who shop there.

Motherwell was once the steel production capital of Scotland. [1](Wikipedia) this meant until the closure of Ravenscraig Steel Works in 1992, Motherwell was a wealthy town.
I grew up in Motherwell and have noticed a lot of changes to the shops we have now to the shops we had in the 1980’s. In the 1980’s Motherwell had department stores and popular retail stores e.g. Bairds, Goldbergs, Woolworth, John Menzies, Burtons, and Thorntons. This meant you didn’t have to travel to Hamilton or Glasgow to get what you needed, everything was there and convenient. The only store to survive now from the list I gave is Burtons. Motherwell has recently had an influx of charity shops, pound shops, pawn shops, payday loan shops and cash for goods shops. These seem to have taken over our town centre as a new one seems to open every few months. There used to be competition for supermarkets too, Gateways, (which became Somerfields then Asda), Scotmid and Templetons. Now we only have Asda, which has now moved to bigger premises and is now a superstore, but it is the only supermarket in Motherwell, there are 2 frozen food stores, Farmfoods and Icelands.

The main shopping area itself is well kept, there are street cleaners always to be seen, rubbish bins are never over flowing, street lights are always working and there are never any loose paving’s, all shops have double doors and are all on one level, so there...