Day 1

The day began with me feel really eager to go in and start the PTLLS course, however the closer I got to the venue the apprehensive and anxious I was about it I am not sure why I felt this way, it reminded me of my first day at school when I entered the training room I was still feeling a little anxious because I had arrived later than everyone else had been told and also been given unclear and wrong directions but then I also felt as though everybody in the room already knew each other.

As a tutor in order to “break the ice” and establish a positive learner environment I usually get learners to interview each other and feedback to the whole group on what they have learnt about the person they have interviewed. I usually also join in by telling learners some facts about myself.
The pointers that I usually ask learners to ask each other are: Names, what work are they looking for?, how long have they been unemployed and an interesting fact about themselves.
Most of the time I find this to be effective because it gets learners talking to one another, gets them usually chatting to each other so therefore they feel more comfortable in the group and this usually means they will be more open and wiling to participate.

The best thing about Day 1 of the course is that I feel I am participating in this course with like minded individuals, we have a laugh and a joke but everybody is focused.
The worst thing about Day 1 would be that there was so much information in so little time that I fear I may miss or forgot things that are beneficial to me when completing assignments but I recognise that this is a healthy fear.

Three things that I have learnt today are; The Teacher Cycle, The Kolb Learning Cycle and completing the questionnaire on my learning style and finding out I am a visual learner.
In terms of how I will use this in my role as a tutor I will assess how I deliver my trainer to look at whether a lot of it is tailored to visual learning because that...