Day of the Triffids

In the prescribed text “Day of the Triffids” a feature of physical and emotional change is portrayed. Day of the Triffids is a novel based on the concept of change, after a meteor hits the earth, blinding everyone who sees it. Physical change is shown in this text, after the meteor shower hits the earth, causing everyone to see it lose their eyesight. This impacts their lives and day to day activities greatly - “No wheels rumbled, no buses roared, no sound of a car of any kind, Infact, was to be heard” – chapter 1, page 3. This shows us how the normal lives have stopped, and how the affects of the meteor has impacted the people who witnessed it.
The blind, being affected by the shower so much, believe that suicide is the best choice, rather than to continue to live in darkness. This is portrayed when one of doctors chooses to kill himself, “which way am i facing? Where’s the dammed window? He turned and stepped towards it; he launched himself full at it and crashed through”. – Chapter 1 page 11. They feel as though being dead, would be better than living, whilst not being able to see. The blind not only change physically but also emotionally, in that, their morals and ethics. They shock themselves by doing things which they never thought they would do – “he pulled out his shoe and hit the window a smart sack with the heel of it”. This shows just how much the shower has affected mankind that they have to resort to stealing (expand).   The blind are not the only ones impacted, but also the ones that can see – “ one was fastened already round the left wrist of a blind man..”. this shows us how vulnerable they have become at the result of losing just one of their senses. They portray an act of selfishness and how now mankind is very covetous. The world is in a state of anarchy.