Dawn Essay

The retribution after the Holocaust is the theme to this book. The Jews that were treated cruelly and unfairly never actually fought back to the Nazi’s. They obeyed by doing as they were told. This theme shows that after the war the Jew’s re-united with power and aggression. Elisha says that he didn’t actually know “the man” (Hitler) or anything about him, but he still wanted to fight for his rights. In other words, the theme was how the Jew’s re-united as a whole, stronger than ever.
I believe I could become friends with Elisha because he is strong and independent. He chooses not to go back home because he knew things wouldn’t be the same. He made a brave decision by going to France and trying to create a new lifestyle. Elisha and I are alike because I am independent and adventuress. I probably would have taken the same road as him and make the same decisions.
I was irritated by Chapter three the most. It was terrible that the house where Captain John Dawson was a disguise for acts of terrorism. I couldn’t believe that they had young people going there and secretly learning how to be a terrorist. It especially bothered me that John Dawson was kept in the cellar that was turned into a dungeon.
I wasn’t satisfied by the outcome of the story. I believe the beginning and middle of the book grabbed and held my attention a lot better than the end. I think that Elie Wiesel could have made a different ending with more foreshadowing leading up to the end. The reason it didn’t satisfy me is because I do not like it when I can predict the end of a book or movie. I was able to predict the end of this book. I like it when you cannot expect the ending