Dawn of the Werewolf

One day Caleb (My dad), my brother (Jake) and I were bored and so we decided to go for a hike …… Oh how rude of me, my name is Danny Black. I am a very friendly person during the day but as night falls I transform from a normal kind gentleman to a very large and smelly wolf. I have lived for one hundred and fifty years together with Jake and my dad Caleb. My dad’s total age is one hundred and eighty-four years old, my brother Jake is one hundred and forty-six and I am one hundred and fifty years old. How did we end up like this?
Well our story began when we three adults went out to the forest to hike as it was a boring day at home so we thought some fresh air would lighten the day. When we were in the mountain we saw many varieties of insects such as venomous spiders, snakes and etc. as we got further in the mountain we had realized that we were out of the trail. We were lost and we didn’t have much time to find our way out as it was getting dark and plus it was a full moon which is believed to be the moon of the legendary werewolves. After another hour of walking and trying to find our way out of this mountain we were hungry. Fortunately we found a fruit tree not very far from a beautiful waterfall. The view was breath taking as there were fireflies and glowing fishes. I could feel the chilly breeze that blew through my hair and I could smell the fresh water that was flowing down the falls to a stream. The interesting thing about this waterfall was that it had a cave right behind it.
The three of us decided to explore this hidden cave and so we made our way to it. The cave was dark with moist land filled with glossy green algae it had a lot of bats hanging from the top with their bright red eyes looking in to our very souls. Jake suggested that we camp in this cave as it was already dark and we didn’t know what dangerous animals were out there especially tonight. I built a small fire in the cave hoping it would keep us warm on that cold night. We had some of our...