Data Table Analysis

Data Table Analysis
Mary Carter
University of Phoenix
Accounting Information Systems
ACC 542
Michael Wells
December 12, 2010

Data Table Analysis
Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods In 1998 in La Jolla. At the time and with only one location, Kathy opted to employ Microsoft Access for tracking inventory, sales, orders, employees, and customers. Inventory must be carefully tracked because the products are perishable. If the informatin is out dated, incomplete, or inaccurate, it will have no value. The use of pivot tables and entity relationship diagrams allows Kathy Kudler to prepare better accounting reports and improve her decision making processes.
Design Elements
The inventory tables enables the end user to determine what inventory is available and when to order more. Data table analysis is vital for this process. The table is designed to organize the data into department, financial codes, products, and transaction totals. The data is organized according to each company department and location by the general ledger codes.   These codes differentiate by series per location, department, and item; for example, the first two digits (12) represent the La Jolla Company location, the next two digits (10) represent the bakery department, and the (00) represents the inventory item Rustic Baguette.   All of the inventory is broken down into different departments according to the general ledger (GL) code.   Proper analysis of the data table increases the visual presentation and information necessary for the financial planning. The end user can view the table and be able to identify the necessary information that the received product is recorded in the correct department, the quantity, and cost for a specified period. The total amount and quantity on hand for a product is used to calculate the average price the item. The total quantity of the inventory is difficult to...