Data Table Analysis


Kudler Fine Foods: Data Table Analysis
Colleen Barbee
University of Phoenix
May 3, 2010


Data tables are used to arrange data in such a way to represent or communicate data analysis.   Data tables can vary in structure, flexibility, notation, representation and use.   This brief will evaluate the design elements of data tables from an accounting perspective for Kudler Fine Foods management.   The following also provides for Kudler Fine Foods entity relationship diagrams and recommendations on improvements to the data tables.   Attached is a pivot table using the general ledger inventory data of Kudler Fine Foods, in order to explain that this type of table will improve decision making for management.  

Tables are an HTML structure designed to present information in tabular format. Table markup has several components and attributes that can be used to identify the elements in a standard data table: column headings, row headings, caption, and content summary. When these elements are used properly, a data table can be understood by both visual and nonvisual users.   Design elements attribute to the effectiveness of a data table.
Design Elements of Data Tables
Data tables are used as a way to systematically show data in convenient useful formats that represent information.   There are design elements to be taken into consideration in creating data tables.   Events, both economic and business impact an organizations financial statements and value.  


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