Dance Histrory


There are many dancing styles in the world. Luckily LBCC’s dance concert has shown some of them. They showed from abstract styles to styles like salsa, which all made the audience and personally I feeling all kind of feelings depending on what was the dance about. I liked all of the dances but the ones that I really enjoyed watching were; YOUR DEATH IS MINE, a beautifully delicate literal love dance, SOBREVIVIRE, a Hispanic salsa dance which contained   lots of fun, and WELCOME TO V62, an abstract dance style with energetic movements and electric appearance. All of the shows were just amazing It was a great experience attending to this dance concert.
YOUR DEATH IS MINE was one of the dances that I liked the most. This particular literal love story dance caught my attention because of the sad but romantic emotion it was producing in me and it also had one of my favorite songs called “say something”. I think the story is about a couple that couldn’t be together. The dance started with the males silently doing like a maypole dance with a red rope that was hanging from the ceiling. The music suddenly started with the appearance of the female lead wearing a white short dress, sitting in the bed and doing a soft movement with her arms and legs, also there were female dancers wearing gray dresses, beautifully dancing around the couple and separating them constantly. The dancers would get in the floor giving the sensation of sadness, get up and do everything at the same rhythm and let’s not forget about the beautiful soft spins they would all made with only one foot sometimes. Their slow movements gave the impression of them like if they were floating on the stage. We all could sense the connection   between   them, especially when the lead male would wrap her in his arms. This literal dance expressed a beautiful but sad story of love.
The second dance called SOBREVIVIRE, gave the whole dance concert a little Hispanic taste with its song in English and...