Dah Hurka Nurka

Title: Spirited Away
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Medium: Animated Film
Key Ideas of Belonging:
Entering the Spirit world as a human is a harsh transition which Chihiro is forced to experience. Her switch from a normal ideal world under the care of her parents to a Spirit world in which humans are not welcomed entails her experience with exclusion from a society. Due to humans being spotted easily through scent by the population in the spirit world, Chihiro is discovered quickly and is looked down on. This is shown in the scene where Chihiro has to acquire a bath token from a superior in the bath house which she works at. The superior realises she is human and instantly discriminates calling her dense and refusing to give her a bath token which she requires to perform her job, whilst he denies her request he open handily gives out tokens to any other employee who needs one.
When Chihiro first arrives in the Spirit World she is alienated. In the Spirit World, belonging is something which you earn, and it is through working in the bath house and proving her worth, Chihiro is able to experience a connection.   When Chihiro starts her job at the spirit bathhouse, she works idly and ineffectively. Lin correctly suspects that Chihiro has never worked a day in her life. Through the assistance of Lin, Chihiro gradually learns to keep up: she works diligently and even undertakes the monumental task of washing the stink spirit until its true river spirit form emerges.
Belonging, sometimes, can be bought, but if you do anything to harm the association to which you belong, as No Face does in Spirited Away, that sense of societal standing is lost. No Face is a reappearing character in Spirited Away who plays no main role until one scene which portrays ones greed and wants to belong. No Face uses an ability of his, to generate fake gold, and to give it away to the population of the bath house, in doing so he gains the worship of the people, and attracts greedy people; No Face...