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  One particular form and perhaps one of the most popular forms of music that has risen in the present era is Motown. Motown music first began in the 1960s by a young man in Detroit. He made it possible for the African- American singers, composers and performers to be empowered in a society that considered them as second class citizens, by using one of the most powerful means of communication that humankind ever assembled- music.
 I will be tracing the history of the Motown music empire and how it developed.
I shall also be looking at the traditions of Motown together with its composers, arrangers and performers, looking at their compositions and songs taking into account the unique instrumentations used within the music. I will discuss Motown's divisions, subsidiary and independent labels. This paper will look at the immense impact of Motown on people and society as a whole. Essentially I will look at the role Motown music played in the Politics, culture, history, and society of America.
Motown: A definition
The Cambridge dictionary states “Motown is a form popular music that is almost the same with rhythm and blues”. in addition it is also an American record company that started in Detroit by and for African-American people. Motown comes from a mix of “motor” and “town” and also a nickname of Detroit. 
The beginnings;
  According to Bill Dahl, the music empire Motown began in the 1960's, when a young man named Berry Gordy dreamt of a successful independent record company. From this dream sprang one of the most influential soul music record companies that had emerged in the last 50 years (“Berry Gordy” n.p.).
On December 14, 1959 Motown music was formed (Fontenot, n.p.).
 Gordy with just $800 began his music dynasty with a chance meeting with Jackie Wilson in a bar, at...