Cypop 13

CYPOP 13                                                                                           TASK1 1.1

• Children’s Act 2004 - Every Child Matters – Children, as well as being kept safe from harm should also be able to achieve their educational needs.

• Education Act 2006 - The act imposes various minimum standards for independent schools in areas such as health and safety and has a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils.

• Equality Act 2010 – Allows children regardless of race, sexual orientation and disability to have access to some form of education.

• Education and Inspections Act 2006 - This Act gave schools and local authority’s responsibilities with regard to bullying. It gives responsibility for schools to encourage good behaviour and respect for others and in particular preventing all forms of bullying among pupils.

• Education and Inspections Act 2006 – This gave schools new duties. Starting in 2007 schools were given the duty to promote community cohesion, to make the transition from the community to school a safe and positive one.

Locally - a setting's own SEN or Inclusion policy
and Equality & Diversity policy
Free early years places
And ECM - Every child matters

National guidance - strategy project Every child a talker -  
ELLP early language lead professional. Chatter matters, chatterbox & babbleback initiatives, talking point website, talk to your baby resources, and Elizabeth Jarman the entrepreneur behind the launching of Communication Friendly Spaces.  

Home nation frameworks:
Wales: foundation phase
Northern Ireland: foundation stage
Scotland: Pre-birth to 3 and curriculum for excellence
England: early years foundation stage

These individually assist in binging together legislation, policy & guidance to inform and influence the daily practice of a registered childcare establishment, setting out the requirements for a provider's operational policies and...