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33 BLYTHENDALE house   MANSFORD street   London e2 7AW
07572293111   26.03.97


Personal profile

I am a highly dedicated and enthusiastic person who works well as an individual as well as part of a team. I am confident in solving problems and approaching new tasks with an objective mind. I always want to contribute my ideas and give my opinion. I am able to meet deadlines with confidence and am not one to break under pressure.
I am also a strong willed and motivated person; these qualities make me work to the best of my ability. I am able to work under pressure and meet deadlines with ease for example during my time at secondary school while I was taking part in the passport to employability I was working in a group and we were given a task to organize a fashion show, and we had a certain amount of time to complete it and meet the deadline, and I have an excellent homework/coursework record at my school. I remain very calm under pressure and approach deadlines calmly and with a positive attitude. My strengths are Maths and I.C.T, and I enjoy both of these subjects because I enjoy problem solving. I am fluent in English and Sylheti, this bilingual ability allows me to translate for family and friends in any situation. I recently worked at Nomura Bank for school work experience, I was working in the I.C.T section of the bank, and I learnt how I.C.T is related to the bank, how it helps, and how computer systems are vital in ensuring that a bank works efficiently. I am a team player as I am able to work within a team well and cooperate with them. I am always willing to learn new things and I am very enthusiastic. I think I am very trustworthy and friendly as I will always try to help people when I can.

key skills

  * Technical skills: able to use all the basic Microsoft applications (Word, PowerPoint, excel, etc.) and can use...