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Explain the relationship between customers’ needs and expectations and customer satisfaction | Unit No/Criteria No |
Learner response: A customer expectations are formed by the service offer your company offers and the marketing materials DSFS use. ( high standard of brochures and leaflets, good in store demonstration videos and a good website) It also will depend on the reputation of the company. This means you will retain your customers and form a long term relationship with them. By having all of the above you will have a positive impression on the customers and this will lead to customer satisfaction and they will return to buy from you in the future. This will satisfy their needs because they will have formed positive thoughts about the quality of your goods, your staff and the service they know they will always receive. | 1.1.1 |
Describe the features and benefits of an organisation’s products and/or services | |
Learner response: We give our customers a top quality product that is made in our own factory in the UK by our highly trained craftsmen. We offer various financial packages that have been rated Best Buy by Defaqto Our sofas are rated 4 out of 5 stars in 8998 reviews Our sofas come with a 10 year guarantee.   Also on offer is a complete after care service delivered in your own home.   Our employees undergo nationally   recognised training in Sales, Customer Service and Business Administration shortly after they join our team. This means we can offer a very high standard of customer service. Visit our website at   to find out more | 1.1.2 |
Explain the importance of treating customers as individuals | |
Learner response: This is a “must do” thing that needs to be done by all members of our teams. It will ensure that your customers are satisfied. If they feel this they will remain loyal...