Subordinate Group: African Americans

September 3, 2011


My name is Robin and I am an 13 year old African American. I was born a slave, and have been a slave my whole life until now. I and my family are the rare lucky ones. We have lived on the plantations since I remember. Most slave families get separated because of their owners, but we are all owned by the same family. We were told that we have to get on a ship. It has been very difficult and confusing for me these past few months. I and my family have had to move to the Americas on a boat. Due to the fact that my family has been together for most of my life, this situation is difficult. Most of my family has been separated, but I am still here with my mother and sister. The men and boys are on another boat, but I do not see them. I do not know why we are moving from the plantations, but we were told we had to go. We are migrating to the Americas. Things have not changed for us [slaves] in the Americas. I tried to use the restroom and used the wrong one again. Everything I use is different than what our owners, and their race use. I am too young to fully understand why that is. I can only hope that in the future things will change. I imagine a place where everyone is no longer segregated. I attend an all black school. I used to have a white friend, but we could no longer be friends because we had reached an older age. Everywhere I go and everything I do I have to do with my own race because interacting with the other races is not permitted here in the Americas just like when we were in Africa (African Americans: A Brief History, 2008).
My mother tells me tales all the time about our ancestors, and how it came to be this way. She tells me that our history starts a long time ago when our ancestors, the first slaves from Africa, were brought from Africa also on a Dutch ship (African Americans: A Brief History, 2008). She also told me that an English Colony was founded at Jamestown, Virginia...