CT3 theory assignment                                                                                                  

Case study
1.3 Assess how questioning and feedback contributes to the assessment process.
In all set criteria there will inevitably be areas that are not always going to be able to be observed for one reason or another, it is there for important to ensure that the candidate still has the underpinning knowledge of that element and this can be done by asking questions relevant to the criteria but without leading the candidate in their answers.   Rephrasing the question on different occasions and allowing the candidate time to explain and demonstrate their answer fully will also confirm the candidate‚Äôs full knowledge and understanding. This verbal interaction with the candidate is also an ideal opportunity to provide immediate feedback both good and bad using the sandwich method (good bad good) which always leaves the candidate with a positive thought and as with my own candidates this is often followed with immediate additional training and demonstration  
2.1 Review the assessment requirements and related procedures of learning programmes
The assessment requires us to observe or confirm underpinning knowledge of all the criteria as set out by the awarding body. In the individual log this will identify which is going to be expected in the method of assessment. In my own criteria I am mainly expected to observe candidates working to the required standard, if I am unable to observe perhaps due to infrequency of the task being completed as are some periodical cleans then these can be covered with scenarios and training, and finally verbal questions to complete all criteria  
3.1 review ways in which the minimum core elements can be demonstrated in assessing learners in lifelong learning
With my own subject there are ways to include the minimum core, for example maths and calculations can be incorporated when calculating chemicals and amounts of...