Review own role and responsibilities, and boundaries of own role as a teacher

Traditional and Contemporary Role:

Teaching is a noble profession and the teachers are the role model to the learners. A teacher is the guardian of a civilization. He discovers the dormant treasures of his learners. He shows his learners the light of hope and leads them towards the zenith of success by guiding, nurturing, motivating, counselling. He keeps them busy with lesson by encouraging and helps them to be good, worthy and well-disciplined citizen.

The teachers are to be devoted and engrossed in the relevant subject to be resourceful personalities to the learners. As lifelong learners they have many responsibilities to exercise and apply the appropriate teaching methods and skills to make the best use of the learning prospective of every learner, especially in the lifelong learning sector. Besides this, they are to bear the policies of the respective institutions in their mind.
The teacher should know the best method of teaching the syllabus within the time framework, setting the suitable assignment, and assessing each and every learner to make sure the effective learning has been taken place. Initial assessment of the learners play vital role for effective teaching.

Responsibilities of a teacher
It is very important for a teacher to know appropriate role, responsibilities and boundaries for effective teaching. From my practical classroom experience I realized the importance of systemic teaching techniques which I have found in David Kolb's learning styles model and experiential learning theory (ELT).

However, before I start a course I try to gather thorough information about the learners through initial assessment by giving them to write small essay on numeracy and literacy, by checking their transcripts and admission forms or interviewing etc. I make a session plan prior to the lesson following the timeline.
Basically a teacher should know the rules and...