Unit 03
Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning
I teach students who are undertaking Children and Young Peoples Workforce childcare and education courses. The students use the Laser system which is an online learning resource and an E-portfolio, but they have lessons and drop in sessions that they attend which I teach. I try to choose teaching and learning strategies which will engage, stimulate and motivate learners to reach their full potential. The strategies I use include:

Strategy | Advantages | Disadvantages |
Demonstration |     * Explains a task when verbal instructions are not enough,     * links theory and practice   *   I can assess skills when students are taking part. |     * Takes time to prepare   * Needs to be well organised before session |
Lecture |     * Can deliver to large groups   * Appeals to auditory learners |     * High focus on the teacher   * Excellent knowledge of subject required   * Not much opportunity for assessment during lecture   * Can be boring |
Discussion |     * Opportunity to exchange ideas   * Can support other teaching methods   * Develops a better understanding |     * Needs to be kept on track so it doesn’t go off topic |
Group work |     * Learners can work together and benefit from sharing knowledge   * Less teacher focused so sometimes more interesting to learners |     * Can take a long time   * Teacher needs to keep learners on track |
Questioning |     * Good way of introducing or recapping a topic   * Good way to assess learners knowledge   * Instant feedback   * Quick to carry out |     * Can be intimidating   * May need to rephrase questions if learners struggle   * Some learners don’t like to be put on the spot |
E learning |     * Teaching and learning can take place at a time to suit learners   * Participation is widened   * Less paperwork   * Improves ICT skills   * Can be blended with other assessment methods |     * Learners need access to a computer   * Self discipline and...