CSCS Test Preparation Notes
With all sections:
  * Be aware of the option ‘all of these answers’. It will usually be the last option (D or E) and can trick you in to an incorrect answer if you don’t read all options fully before answering.
  * If the option says ‘trained and competent’, this is always the correct answer to the question.
  * Ensure that you giving the correct number of answers. Some ask for two responses and there a few throughout the book that ask for three.
  * Be aware of the reverse negative questions. Those that ask ‘which are NOT…’ Think carefully before you answer these questions.
  * Expect to get two or three questions from each section. This will demonstrate a broad understanding of all topics.

Unit 01 – General responsibilities
This unit mainly covers legal and paperwork needed to work on-site.
Important points to remember:
  * You have a legal responsibility to follow risk assessments but not to create them
  * Your supervisor is always your first point of contact unless it is an emergency situation
  * Everyone has a legal obligation to follow the HASAWA (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974)
  * Risk assessments identify hazards and tell you the safe way to do the job
  * A permit to work allows certain jobs to be carried out safely under controlled conditions
  * A method statement tells you the correct way to do a job, including all the tools and equipment needed, as well as the training of all people involved
  * Hazard is something that has the potential to cause harm
  * Site inductions are mandatory and will give you all safety information before you start work
Unit 02 – Accident Reporting and Recording
This unit is pretty much common sense so think about what the safest option, your safety and that of others.
Important points to remember:
  * If you are not the trained first-aider then you have no legal duties to perform other than to call for help
  * Your witness statements to an...