Crusher Working Principle of the Ddust-Collecting Devices

Fote has devoted ourselves to developing more innovative machines to meet the current situation of global mining industry. For the mining industry, the dust collecting unit is our leading product. Dust collecting unit, also called quarry dust collecting machine, is the simplest and least expensive dust collection machine for industrial air pollution control. As we all know, the quarry often causes a great amount of dust, which always significantly affect the quality of product and the health of workers. Here we focus on more details of our dust collecting unit for crusher, also called quarry dust collecting machine.

Fote’s dust collecting unit for crusher adopts the centrifugal force to remove the large and high-volume dust from industrial applications. Practice has proved that adopting centrifugal force is an economical solution to a wide range of dust collection problems. Typically, the centrifugal dust collector can be used in almost any application that generates dust particles greater than 20 microns in diameter. This includes sanding, coarse grinding, finishing, material handling, conveying, material processing, cutting, and crushing.

Dust-laden air enters the conical body of the cyclone tangentially at the top and the flow assumes a vortex pattern as it travels helically downward. Centrifugal force from the tangential velocity of air causes the heavier dust particles to move radically outward toward the wall of cyclone. When the particles reach the wall, fiction and gravity force them to descend and discharge into a receiver. The cleaner air spirals upward and exists at the top of the cyclone.

Features of Dust Collecting Unit for QuarryExcellent for high dust load, high temperature and product recovery applications.It can be used alone, with optional filter bag assembly, or as a pre-cleaner.Applications from 300 to 13,000 cfm.Long life and little maintenance.Meets seismic zone 4 and 100 mph wind load ratings.Removable cone section for easy...