Arthur Millers The Crucible “Appendix” reveals more information about John and Abigail. After one reads this section we are given insight on Abigail’s motives in her vengeance on Proctor. We are also able to witness John Proctors anger towards Abigail and how although he cares for Abigail, he is truly devoted to Elizabeth. Perhaps the book should in fact not have left this out because it holds applicable information that is very handy to the reader. The appendix impacts the thematic comprehension of the work as well as two of the major characters, John Proctor and Abigail Williams.
The Appendix helps us to understand John and Abigail as we witness their conversation in the woods. It seems as if Abigail just wanted to get closer to John as she tells him that she would be his wife and he would have the light of heaven in his house every day. Of course this creates a problem because John knows he cannot leave Elizabeth to be with Abigail. He wants to be nice to Abigail; however he knows that he is truly devoted to Elizabeth. One mistake was enough and he did not want to make the same mistake. He makes it clear that he will do whatever it is he has to have Elizabeth back home. This scene is crucial in understanding the relationship between John and Abigail and each of the characters true colors. Although Proctor has made a mistake, he realizes this and is not willing to make the same mistake even though Abigail almost pushes him to do so.  
In this scene we are given a better understanding of   John and Abigail. We see that although John used to care about Abigail, he cares for Elizabeth more and Abigail’s conniving personality does not affect his devotion to Elizabeth. He does not repeat his mistake and stays loyal to Elizabeth in order to assure her protection. John will threaten Abigail in order to assure that Elizabeth will not be falsely accused. This creates more tension and drama between the two and we are able to understand their relationship as well as their...