Crt/205 Week 1 Checkpoint


Part A.     Anita seems to immediately take a position on the information that her friend presents to her.   Even though she doesn’t chastise Tanya, she says she doesn’t know about taking action on the information presented and she does not act on the suggestion despite the prompting of her friend.

    Anita does seem to use logic when dealing with her situation at work.   She immediately tells Tanya that the issues “sounds risky”, implying that acting on this computer error could get them into trouble with their employer.

    Anita makes a decision and takes action as a result of taking the position she did.   Anita toils over the information her friend gave her then calls the HR Hotline to report the problem.   Anita takes a stand probably based more on moral value, believing that “what Tanya is doing is wrong” but she also used logic to decide where she stood.

Part B.     I have always taken a stand against Halloween.   This year I got caught up in my sister’s enthusiasm to host a Halloween party.   I volunteered to help my sister put her party together.   Then I heard a sermon that challenged all Christians to take a stand against Halloween.   I began to evaluate my morals and felt that if I cannot stand for God on the most evil day of the year, what does that mean about me as a Christian?   I came to a conclusion and told my sister I cannot participate in her Halloween celebration.   I knew my sister would be disappointed but I felt I would rather disappoint my sister than to disappoint my God.

      I made a decision and then took action because of the moral value of this dilemma.   I choose to suffer the consequences of my actions because I feel that my decision is right.