Crt 205

CRT 205

Part A

The key issue of the comic strip was to employees discussing a flaw in the payroll system.   The flaw is that anyone with access can give them selves a raise.   Tanya tells Anita that she should do it as well.   Anita doesn’t immediately decide whether she does it or not.   She knows that it’s wrong but she is tempted because she is broke.   Anita finally comes to the conclusion that it is wrong after thinking about it for a while.   Anita’s decision is based on a moral value judgment.   It is immoral to steal and this is exactly what they are doing.   In the end, Anita takes action by calling the HR hotline to report the problem.   If she would have let it go it could have ended badly if the company did an investigation and found out the she actually did know about the problem.

Part B

I recall a situation in which my co-worker was talking about pornography to some other male co-workers.   They tried to get me to join into the conversation but I immediately knew it was inappropriate.   Soon a female co-worker came in and overheard the conversation.   After seeing the look on her face I had to take action.   The position I took was based on morality.   It was very uncomfortable with them talking about such things.   I put myself in the young females shoes and thought how harassing they were acting toward women.   I told them how inappropriate it was and to save it for home.