Criticism Paper

October.13th, 2008
        The movie” Their eyes were watching” was a big disappointment, I as the viewer thought that it would be more remarkable , it lacked the special “uphmmh” that every movie is suppose to have. The novel was an excellent novel to read, so when I found out that there was movie I was so excited, some of the significant things that was stressed in the novel wasn’t even in the movie, and that was a big disappointment. Janie description in the novel was that she was dark skin and had beautiful hair, but in the movie she was light skin, it would have been better if they found someone that was darker so it could have been more relatable. Halle Berry who played Janie was a terrible actress in this movie, everything seemed predictable, and even though she played a wonderful role in her other movies this movie just didn’t cut it.
        The hurricane scene in the movie their eyes were watching god was suppose to be more significant , In the novel I felt that the hurricane scene was the highlight of the novel, if I never read the novel I wouldn’t have known  that  was an important scene , it just seem like a ordinary scene and that was extremely annoying. I don’t understand why this movie was “junk mail”. Their eyes were watching god is a classic novel, If Zora Neale Hurston was alive to see this despiteful movie she will be offended, she spend her time working on this incredible novel, to see a movie that didn’t met the standard of her novel. For example the moment when Janie kills Tea Cake, when I read the book I pictured the scene to be much different. I pictured this moment to be either life or death, even though it was a sentimental scene it could have been stronger, this movie isn’t a type of movie that will give someone chills, I personally think this movie was a waste of time and effort, and this movie will never be remberable, its going to fall under the category of worst movie of the 21st century, and there no denying that.