Critically Assess the Success of the Learning Environment

  A.       Introduction
For this assignment I will be required to thoroughly plan, implement, and evaluate the introduction of Effective Team Meetings within a Performance Management Framework.   This initiative will show close involvement of the childcare team, parents/carers and children and the effective communication of information.   It will also identify any issues arising and will demonstrate how effective action will be taken and the development of appropriate strategies. This assignment will include the critical analysis and effective application of underpinning approaches.
This assignment will show how I was able to demonstrate judicious use of supervisory, organisational and leadership skills, in the efficient and effective planning, implementation and evaluation of the team meetings.
I will then use Reflective Practice to critically evaluate my own role in the process, my value to the team and my personal and professional learning.
The setting where I will be implementing this initiative is my own playgroup – Little Acorns. We currently have 17 children on the roll, and 4 part-time members of staff. (Due to Confidentiality issues, the name of the playgroup and other names throughout the assignment have been changed.)

Little Acorns Management Structure

When deciding what initiative or specific action to implement, I first looked at the current Playgroup situation and any specific needs or gaps that it might have in its management structure, staffing, curriculum, policies and overall service etc.   I then decided to ask some KEY SWOT questions (Appendices 1) and do a Playgroup SWOT.   (See below) We also brainstormed in class to come up with some ideas. (Appendices 2)

  * Lack of Supervision
Having recently returned to the position of manager following a period of illness, I found that the support I had put in place during my absence was insufficient and as a result the...