Critical Thinking Week 1 Assignment

Greenpeace exists because mother Earth needs our help finding solutions to changes occurring globally that threaten our existence in the centuries to come. Sadly is it not even just about the lives of the human beings but the plants animals and other species that are doomed in the future as well. They are campaigning for the protection of the world’s ancient resources and the inhabitants that may suffer due to climate changes.

Thankfully over the last decade it is becoming more and more acknowledgeable that we have been leading our world down a dangerous path due to pollution among other things.   We as a community need to come together to create a safer, cleaner environment and bring it to the attention to our city council that we need a change. More and more businesses are recognizing the dangers of bad environmental practices and have agreed to take part in the rejuvenation of the world, we just need to continue to spread the news to keep the environment safe and clean for many centuries to come and this is my goal by submitting this to the newspaper and their online blog.

One step towards a solution for global warming and energy issues is to reward those companies that vow to make a change but penalize those who do not such as a lawsuit against the particular business. It is important for our communities to recognize the severity of the condition of the world and make a change. We as a community needs to approach the business and factories that create pollution in the air we breathe, the trees and plants and animals need as well. Make them take heed to our pleas by possibly picketing in front of the business drawing attention to the fact that this company is okay with helping the destruction of our environment. It is difficult to express just how dangerous pollution from coal is to our world. We all have relied on coal as our source of electricity for many, many years and it is now causing a reaction in our oceans that are changing the chemical makeup...