Critical Thinking

Can you imagine an ambitious person lacking the ability to interpret, analyze, evaluate, infer, explain and self-regulate the issues? How would this person be ambitious in life without any of those abilities? He absolutely would not. I cannot imagine myself being successful in any areas of life with totally lacking these abilities. Critical thinking abilities entail those characteristics and even more than this. It teaches me not the way that what to think, but how to think. It basically helps me to think clearly, accurately, relevantly, consistently and logically. When I first encountered with this lesson in C121, I did not think that this would be such a broad topic; however, when I have started to dig more and more both in C100 book and internet, I realized that the topic was so broad and in addition to being a broad issue, this would be one of the most important earned skills in my life. I have to admit that the other lessons in C100 are also quite important and learning them will have positive impacts in different areas of life; however, critical thinking will have greater impacts than the others. Learning and mastering of critical thinking techniques, though, require me to give a lot of efforts and time. However, an unknown author said "Time given to thought is the greatest time saver of all." Therefore, I can say that earning those abilities will have great impacts in Sergeants Major Academy, in my military career and civilian education and in quality of life improvement.  
The short-term impact of critical thinking will show its benefits widely in Sergeants Major Academy, as the curriculum of SMA is so challenging and requiring for SMA students. Academic writing and reading, preparation of presentation, group-study and class participation are some requirements of the curriculum. With the addition of time constraint, these issues might become indisputably a nightmare for the SMA students. If they lack...