Critical Thinking Discussion & Summary

Critical Thinking Discussion & Summary

Tina Cullors


February 29, 2016
Bridget Peaco
University of Phoenix

      Critical thinking is a way of making decisions both personally and professionally.   Without critical thinking our decision making would all be knee jerk reactions and would cause chaos in your life.   In discussion we will have identified what is critical thinking by identifying the premise and how we arrived to the conclusion.

I define critical thinking as a process of how to analyze and evaluate the question, topic of conversation or situation, before forming an opinion or just reacting.   Being able to make a clear judgment.
A critical thinker is someone that does not make a conclusion on an instant with information presented.   A critical thinker analyzes the information, and obtains necessary information to support the premise.
Critical thinking is importation because you obtain an amount of information to make an argument that your find to be true that brings you to your conclusion with a convincing argument to justify your claim.
I use critical thinking both in my personal and professional life.   For example, if I am thinking of buying a new car I have to look at not how my decision will just impact my finances now but how my decision affects me long term; like can I afford to take money from my savings for the down payment and what will payment be for 36 or 48 months.   As for my work when I am modernizing a school campus I need to look at the construction schedule and when it will least impact the staff and students and if I have unforeseen conditions what are my options if I need to relocate staff and students temporarily.

    From this course I would like to take from it the importance of how I should analyze information before making decisions in my personal and professional life and how I need to sit and really think things through and not to just make a knee jerk reaction.   Being able to take...