Criminal Justice

In a 1-2 page well-constructed essay, discuss the major differences between the various theories which are used to explain criminal behavior? What theory in your opinion best explains this?  
Reading in the text book there were contemporary choice theory which was thinking about the crime which monitor who plans their crime fear punishment, and deserve to be penalize. There are also two theories of criminal behavior which are Social Process Theory and also Social Conflict Theory. Social Process states that these offenders resort to crime either from being bullied or even being peer pressured. These offender turns to crime due to stress or even family issue and poverty. In social process theory anyone can become a criminal because the issues they face are issues that we all face in our life.
Many researchers think that this theory comes from the effect of youth who participate in violent behavior from family members. I believe that a person who turns to violent behavior suffer from childhood distress and also violence surrounding them throughout their childhood life.
Most children that are raised up in an environment with crimes are ultimately the one’s that become criminals because that’s all they know and believe. Growing up around violence in your community, in your household, and even in schools is not an easy way to mold into an outstanding citizen. Studies have shown that children who are spectator to family violence are more likely to demonstrate behavioral problems than those who do not, and often times grow up to be violent offenders as well.
Social Conflict Theory which comes from wealth that crimes are committed   between people with less money and people with more money. It also states that the criminal justice system and laws focus on the rich rather than the poor and it more benefit the rich than the poor. Criminal Justice system according to this theory, the criminal justice system is nothing more than a subterfuge that is traditional to keep the...