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Demographics   and   Crime                                                                                                                       1.

City   Demographics   and   Crime   Profile


August   17,   2015

Cheryl   Reyes

Demographics   and   Crime                                                                                                                     2.


    The   purpose   of   this   paper   is   to   explain   the   intellectual   and   social   contexts,   the   beliefs   of   the   populace   in   reference   to   criminal   behavior,   the   changes   when   moving   away   from   the   city,   and   crime   hot   spots,   as   pertaining   to   Detroit,   Michigan.   Detroit,   Michigan   is   2000   square   miles   with   a   population   of   870,000   residents.   In   the   city   of   Detroit   is   a   wide   distance   of   multiple   cultural   centers,   and   ethic   backgrounds.
    The   city   surrounds   a   huge   amount   of   history   like   the   original   location   of   the   Michigan   Capital,   head   quarters   of   the   auto   business,   and   home   of   Motown.   Due   to   the   vast   amount   of   Detroit   residents   with   no   income.   The   neighborhoods   dealing   with   unoccupied   properties   had   to   struggle   to   keep   crime   levels   low.
    Gang   bangers,   homeless,   and   drug   addicts   find   vacant   homes   advantageous   to   crime   needs   (United   States   Census   Bureau,   2010).

Demographics   and   Crime                                                                                                                   3.

  City   Demographics   and   Crime   Profile

    Demographics   gives   the   specifics   needed   to   acquire   knowledge   pertaining   to   a   city's   inhabitants.   Gaining   this   type   of   detailed   information   is   critical   to   the   producing   of...