Crime Media

Media report

Aim and goals
The aim of my coursework was to produce 4 pieces of work of a high standard; a goal was set of completing a research folder, a pre-production piece which was the construction of a storyboard; which the task was to create an opening sequence of a new crime series or a trailer.   Also to create a magazine and DVD front cover on my crime series based on other crime dramas.

The title of my series was called “Under Pressure” the name is paramount to the storyline because it’s about police officers working against time in a variety of situations to save the people of New York City.   Also the name is memorable as it links to a popular song which is featured in the crime series.

I did research before completing my production and pre- production pieces; I began by researching what crime dramas consisted of and what a crime drama actually is. I focused my research on a number of crime dramas that already exist on television to get an idea of how they are produced. Also it would allow me to gain insight of what the narrative structure in crime drama consisted of and what sort of characters and actors feature in the series. I specifically looked closely at 3 crime dramas
    • Prime Suspect
    • The Bill
    • Ashes to Ashes

By producing case studies on each crime drama it allowed me to find information and ideas on how a crime drama should be directed and shaped. Several graphs and questionnaires were featured in the research folder; these were key elements on finding out who my target audience would be. This also allowed the thoughts and ideas of potential viewers of my crime drama to have an input and say on vital concepts of my television series and allowed me to gain insight into their minds to make my crime drama to be successful as possible. In the questionnaire, the answers showed me that people prefer to watch crime dramas in the night, and prefer UK crime dramas rather than US versions; this could be because...