Cqf Unit 6 Hsc025

The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker.

A working relationship is different from a personal relationship as we all have the same goal; supporting the client as per their care plan; thus being a one way relationship, as usually you are only there because it’s your place of work. Working relationships have a purpose and objectives, with boundaries. Staff will also have to adhere to the employer’s policies and procedures and also following a professional code of conduct.
Where as a personal relationship will be a two way relationship, with expectations on both sides, no boundaries or objectives and no policies or procedures to follow. Personal relationships can be very close with highs and lows within the relationship.
Different types of relationships are as follows:
• Family relationships
o These are relationships with siblings, children, grandchildren
• Sexual relationships
o This is the relationship between husband and wife
• Friendships
o These relationships can be very close, or and they may have a wider circle of friends of new and old.
• Working relationships
o These relationships are with employers, work colleagues and outside agencies like doctors, physiotherapists, district nurses etc.

There are different types of working relationships and these will be with the following:
• Client
o Supporting his or her needs as per their care plan.
• Colleagues in your place of work
o Working as a team in order to support the residents in the home. Recognising that each member of the teams input is important.
• Outside agencies e.g. Doctors, physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, nurses etc.
o Working with the outside agencies to give the best possible care to each individual, making sure everyone is aware of the overall goal, keeping everyone up to date.

It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role as the job description is designed to meet the needs of the residents in the care home and...