Country vs City

Kimberly Bright
Country vs. City
Do you have that one place you would rather be than where you are now? I think about it all the time. I have that one place I will return to. The country, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. It’s the place I call home in Bangor PA. I currently live in Easton PA. It’s not really a homey feeling. My heart does not belong there.
From the day I was born until seventeen I was living in the country. It was the most beautiful place ever. Having the wild animals roaming my backyard, to having no neighbors was amazing. There was nothing around me but woods and cornfields. It was so far away from everything that if you committed a crime no one would know. Even with there being no close neighbors, we all knew each other. If we had seen something weird going on, we would tell each other right away. It was like we were all family in the same neighborhood. It was so peaceful. It’s where my heart belongs. I’ve always said “I was born and raised a country girl.”
My heart was taken away from home, when my parents decided to move to the city. I was so upset. I begged my parents not to but they wouldn’t listen to me. The reason we had to move was because my mom got a job at the court house, and we only had one car at the time. It was tough the hour drive was a tough commute with only one car to share. That’s when they said we got to move closer. The first week we were in our new house there was a drive by shooting. How would that make you feel? After that I hated it so much. I didn’t feel safe at all. Every night before bed I kept saying “What’s going to happen tonight?” It was the worse feeling ever. My daughter Megan was never allowed to go outside and play. It was very nerve racking for me. Living in the city is not for a country girl. It’s not where my heart belongs. I was so miserable there. I kept asking my parents if we can move back. I hate it in Easton. The answer was always no.
Let me ask you, would you rather live in the country or...