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April 2009
Douglas County High School 2842 Front Street Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 Volume 12 Issue 4

My Dream Trip to Spain & Morocco
Many people much like me, when they were little, had certain dreams or long term goals that they wanted to see met and actually happen some day. I can remember that when I was a little girl I had a passion to explore and travel the world. I wanted to journey through every country and visit every place in the world. My dream was fulfilled last summer which in turn, rooted eagerness and an everlasting ambition to see more. Since I had never been out of the country before, I was filled with nervousness and anticipation for what was ahead. This was the first trip that I was making all on my own without my family or my parents guiding and protecting me: this was my first real opportunity going into the world by myself. My trip to Spain and Morocco became real life experiences that most people today, especially in the town of Castle Rock, never get the chance to go through. The people who never leave their homes believe that they are experiencing life through their books and classes and even the local movie theatre. In reality, the true experience of life is when a person identifies the fact that they are actually living it. In Spain and Morocco I knew I was living mine once I discovered the different smells, noises, sights, and people within these places. When I arrived in Spain I immediately got to witness the diverse culture within that specific country. We started in the city of
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