Assignment 1
During this assignment I will be covering a number of aspects relating to the counselling profession. I will be identifying the different forms of helping relationships and how counselling is a different form from the rest. I will also be defying what counselling actually is and means. Then I will go on to describe the key features which ensures that counselling takes place in a suitable and safe environment. I will then go on and talk about different forms of communication and skills used in helping relationships and how these skills might be used. Then last of all I will cover the barriers of communication and how to overcome these barriers.
Unit Y 1.2
Counselling is an activity that takes place when someone is troubled and wants to see help. Counsellors do this by developing an interpersonal relationship with the client that enables the client to develop self-understanding and to make changes in their lives. Professional counsellors work within a clearly contracted, principled relationship that enables individuals to receive assistance in exploring and resolving issues in their life.
Unit Y 1.1 & 1.3
We can see that this definition can apply to different types of relationships for example counsellor - client, parent - child and teacher - pupil relationship. There are several forms of helping relationship.

Firstly let’s look at offering advice. A friend may come to you for advise if they feel you have the knowledge or have experienced a particular thing they are going through.. An example of this is, they may believe their   partner is   cheating on them but have no direct proof. They know you have gone through the same and want to know how you found out   and what you would do or would have done differently.

Another form off a helping relationship is offering practical help. A person has had an operation on their arm and is struggling getting washed and changed. To help them you offer to help bathe and dress them.

Yet another...