Counselling Skills

Counselling skills level 2 lesson 1 November 30th 2009 Kerry Moore                             pg 1

I was excited about starting the new course today. I think it is because for the last few weeks we have been revising for our test and last week we just had a tutorial with peter. Now we are back to the lessons and that is what’s so exciting. When I got to college there was already a few of us waiting to go in so we were all keen. It was a bit nerving though because there will be new people starting and its the unknown but I’m sure we will all get on. As it happens though there was only one new lady and she seemed really nice maybe some more next week. Peter started off the lesson the same way as the last course which was necessary for in case we had forgot any of the important things like fire escapes and the first aid etc. We discussed the group rules and how if we all stuck to the personal moral qualities then we would be fine. We spoke about attendance and hoe 85% was needed and if we had more than 3 weeks of then we would be getting a phone call to see why. If we let college know and we have good reason to be off then that would be fine. Journals were next on the list and this course 600 to 800 words is necessary. Anything over 800 will not be read so we have to check our word counter.

Activity one and we had to get into groups of four and we had to discuss people in our life that had helped us in some way and what skill or attitude they had used. We came up with:-

  * Teachers                         life skills (guidance)
  * Parents                           life skills (guidance)
  * Doctor                           counselling skills
  * Friends                           counselling skills
  * Sister                             counselling skills

I also remembered one later on in the lesson which was support worker. I went to see one a few years ago when I had moved back to Worksop from Blackpool where I had been in a bad relationship and...