Counselling Skills Essay

Take two themes related to the use of Counselling skills and describe their importance in the counselling relationship with reference to relevant literature and your observations of interactions during role play.

‘A counselling relationship occurs when a counsellor sees a client in a private and confidential setting to explore any distress that the client might be experiencing. The client has be a willing volunteer for such a situation to take place’ (BACP definition of counselling –

According to Carl Rogers who was the founder of the Person centred therapeutic approach, if a counsellor adopts certain therapeutic conditions and creates a proper and safe climate, the process of ‘therapeutic healing will inevitably occur within a client’ ( - Introduction to Carl Rogers and Gloria’s video).

Rogers also believed that the only human motive that exists within a being is ‘a self actualising tendency’. The term ‘self actualisation’ means striving to maximise one’s potential.
(Class Handout 2010)

The obstacles that get in the way of self actualisation are the ‘conditions of worth’ that one places on one’s self. These conditions of worth are created by society’s expectations of individuals, which in turn undermines the positive self regard of an individual.  

Rogers bases his theory largely on Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of needs’. Maslow’s needs are based in the form of a pyramid, with the most basic needs at the bottom, security needs are second, the third need is the feeling of belonging, the fourth need is self esteem and the final need is of self actualisation. This highest need of maximising one’s potential can only be obtained if the lower needs are first met. (Class handouts and

Rogers believed that if a counsellor participated in a ‘spontaneous prizing’ and if he or she fosters an attitude of ‘non possessive love’ and warmth towards the client, the latter is...